Interventional Pain Management and Sterile Compounding Services

Interventional Pain Management and Sterile Compounding Services

Interventional Pain Management and Sterile Compounding Services


In 2016, a study by the CDC showed that 20% of Americans, about 50 million people, suffer from chronic pain. That’s a big pain, but filling those prescriptions doesn’t have to be. 

Interventional pain management and the use of an intrathecal pain pump can stop the spinal nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. Interventional management is the medical discipline of diagnosing or treatment pain-related disorders. 

Besides the use of an intrathecal pain pump, interventional pain management treatments are injection-based. These injections are either made in-house at medical centers and hospitals or outsourced to sterile, compounding pharmacies. 

We can be your source of pain relief.

Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy is PCAB accredited in sterile compounding and general compounding, making us your one-stop-shop for all of your compounding needs. We can create the right dosage of medication for your interventional pain management needs. Plus, our Michigan pharmacy can fill prescriptions and dosages for those throughout the Great Lakes region. 

Interventional Pain Management Treatments 

Intrathecal pain management treatments are most commonly used for chronic and severe back pain but can reach the root of the problem in various ways. 

-Epidural injections: anesthetic or steroid medication injected into the spine to relieve pain or diagnose conditions.

-Nerve, root, and medial branch blocks: injections used to determine the source of pain. 

-Facet joint injections: provide pain relief; used to determine if facet joints are the source of pain.

-Pulsed Radiofrequency Neurotomy (PRFN): immobilize spinal nerves to prevent pain signals from being transmitted to the brain.

Intrathecal pumps: a surgically implanted device that delivers medication to the spinal fluid

An intrathecal medication pump can lessen the pain associated with failed back surgery, cancer, or nerve pain. It can also reduce spasticity, or muscle rigidity, in patients with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, and spinal cord injury.

HDRX’s Sterile Compounding Services

Health Dimensions Clinical Pharmacy is one of the nation’s first pharmacies accredited for sterile compounding (2006). Our sterile compounding procedures are third-party reviewed to ensure the application of USP compounding standards. These standards include competency training, use of USP ingredients, clean facilities, proper equipment, accurate documentation, and quality control. 

Call or email HDRX for a consultation with our pharmacists to learn how we can fill your interventional pain management and sterile compounding needs. 


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Scott Popyk, RPh – Founder